Grateful Stewards

Gratitude is at the heart of stewardship.  At Holy Ghost, as we continue living the stewardship way of life, we look to grow in our practice of thanking God for His blessings and then sharing them with others. 

Every household is asked to make commitments – to pray regularly, to get more involved in the parish, and to give to the offertory. But before we offer these gifts to God, we must cultivate a profound “attitude of gratitude”. All we have comes from God!  Let us thank Him, then put our gifts in service to the Church and one another. 

Stewardship of Time

Stewardship of Times primarily focuses on how we spend time in personal prayer and family prayer. Thinks about what you love most.  If God and family are near the top of the list, resolve to make prayer – the lifeblood of Christian life- a part of your own daily life and the life of your family.

Stewardship of Talent

We all have different schedules, abilities, and interests, but we all share a common obligation to be active members of the Body of Christ.  A good steward is one who takes this obligation seriously and finds ways to put his or her talent to work. In the Ministries Tab on this website there are many areas to choose from.  All you need is the conviction that you do have a role to play in the Parish and a willingness to seek it out.

Stewardship of Treasure

At Holy Ghost, we are encouraging each other to be better stewards of our money, setting aside a generous offering to the Parish each week.  Money plays a very large role in our lives, and precisely because of this, it needs to be aligned with our most deeply held beliefs. “Where your treasure is, there also lies your Heart.” The tithe (10%) is a scriptural benchmark which the Church has honored for centuries.  We give a percentage of income because it is a common – sense standard by which everyone can equitably support the Parish, each according to their ability.  As a Parish, Holy Ghost breaks down the tithe as follows:

                5% to the Parish
                1% to the Diocese
                4% to other charities

If the goals above seem difficult to attain, consider increasing your gift incrementally until you reach your goal.  It may take some time, but eventually you can reach an amount that adequately reflect God’s generosity to you.  The most important thing is to choose a regular amount to give each week or month, and be faithful to it. 

Click here to make your automatic weekly offertory online.

Click here to get detailed information on WeShare.

Catholic Ministries Annual Appeal

The 2019 Catholic Ministries annual Appeal Is Underway

  “Signs of Hope”

The 2019 Catholic Ministries Annual Appeal has begun with a mailing that our parishioners have received. This is a mailing from Bishop Conlon asking for a pledge to the 2019 Catholic Ministries Annual Appeal.

The Appeal not only funds many of the operations of the diocese, it funds services that are of great help to the ministries here in our parish. For example, funds support the Faith Formation Program.

This year, theme of the appeal is “Signs of Hope”. As Christians, we are called to imitate the Lord and, like Him, provide care to those who need our help.

How do we acknowledge God’s Grace and show Him our gratitude? One way that we can show our gratitude is by giving back to God the gifts He shared with us. We can support our parish, our diocese and the Church throughout the world with gifts of time, talent and treasure. The gifts we give enable ministries, education, and services that touch thousands of lives. Thanks to the many generous donors to the Catholic Ministries Annual Appeal, our diocese is filled with signs of hope: the Daybreak Shelter sponsored by Catholic Charities; support of our newly ordained priests and seminarians; support of our Catholic schools, to name a few.  Every gift is important to the success of the CMAA. Each pledge helps to reach our goal and allows us to provide signs of hope to many through the 30 ministries that the annual appeal supports.

Our parish goal is $52,300. With your financial support, we can exceed this goal. When we exceed our goal in paid pledges, we will receive 70% of the amount over goal for use in our parish. Please answer Bishop Conlon’s request and make a generous pledge. All pledges can be paid in ten (10) installments.

If you need another pledge envelope, please call the Parish office at 630- 860-2975. Thank you in advance for your support.  Click here to learn more about the Catholic Ministries Annual Appeal from the Signs of Hope” video featuring Bishop Daniel Conlon and the ministries that are helped by your generous donations.                                                                                                                                                               

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