Reopening of Holy Ghost Church June 2021

Welcome Back to Holy Ghost Church!

Starting with the weekend of Friday of June 11, 2021, Holy Ghost will comply with the guidelines set forth by the Diocese of Joliet in accordance with the State of Illinois Phase 5 COVID-19 Protocols.  Please see the guidelines below.


The state of Illinois is expected to enter Phase 5 on Friday, June 11, which means that all sectors of society will fully reopen. The Diocese of Joliet will follow Illinois public health guidelines and offers the following details for all church services effective June 11, assuming the state does enter Phase 5.

If the state does not enter Phase 5, we will continue with the previously issued “Bridge Phase” protocols.


Wearing a mask is required for everyone while inside the Church and Parish facilities.

Capacity and registration

Full capacity is allowed, and registration is no longer required. However, pastors may want to retain their registration systems in case a spike in COVID-19 cases occur in the coming fall and winter.

Vaccination status

The diocese will not require employees or the general populace to provide their vaccination status. Yet we strongly encourage vaccinations for all ministers.


The dispensation to attend Sunday Mass remains in place for the time being, with the intention of providing our parishes and our parishioners the opportunity to navigate and adjust to these new guidelines and protocols.

Hand sanitizer

It is recommended that hand sanitizer be available, but not required for entering/exiting the church and/or at the reception of Holy Communion.

Church sanitation

Sanitation of the church is required only once a day, per the CDC.

Holy water fonts

Even before the pandemic, holy water fonts have been identified as a potential source of bacterial and viral infection. So, we will continue to refrain from displaying and using holy water for the time being.


Because of the potential transfer of saliva, we will continue to refrain from offering wine in a chalice at Communion for the time being.

Communion on the tongue

Communion on the hand is still the preferable option. Communion on the tongue is allowed at the pastor’s discretion.

 Collection baskets

Baskets on a pole are allowed, but baskets passed from hand to hand are not.

Sign of peace

The sign of peace will continue to be made without physical contact. Offer a friendly wave to your neighbor.

NOTE:  When in doubt, follow CDC guidance.


Reunite in Christ

Our parish, in partnership with the Diocese of Joliet, has formed a committee to plan for parish life post pandemic.  We will look at reuniting parishioners with Jesus and the Church.  Please cover this committee and the parish staff in prayer as they brainstorm and plan gathering and non-gathering opportunities for our parishioners.


Upcoming Happenings: Click here for more information about the Vatican Art Series.

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Adoration of the
Blessed Sacrament

Monday - Thursday
7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.

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Welcome Home!

We are celebrating our Reuniting in Christ with the Photo Collage Art Piece that is displayed in our gathering area and was dedicated on the first Sunday of Advent, November 28, 2021.  

Welcome Home Photo Collage Art

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